Air Traffic Systems

Runway Status Lights.

Runway Status Lights

Runway Status Lights (RWSL) prevent accidents on runways by providing situational awareness directly to the pilots without controller intervention. High speed operations on runways and taxiways have very little tolerance for mistakes. ARCON's RWSL system monitors the ground situation and operates the lights installed at various intersections of the runways automatically to achieve increased safety without compromising flow of traffic.

The FAA is committed to ensuring passenger safety in both land and air operations. ARCON is in the forefront of supporting the FAA in this endeavor. We develop algorithms based on the surveillance data available at each airport; implement the RWSL system; interface it with surveillance sources and hardware; and monitor and maintain the system.

RWSL is becoming an essential component of ground operations in the US airports due to the increasing traffic volume. The number of lives involved in these very high speed operations and the cost of the equipment involved make it absolutely necessary to have a supporting system for controllers to effectively perform their duties. Indeed, RWSL improves safety for high speed operations without delaying traffic movement, proving that punctuality does not have to be sacrificed to maintain safety in today's industry.