Air Traffic Systems

Air Traffic Management.

Air Traffic Management

Enhanced Traffic Management System

ARCON is involved in developing ETMS for the FAA. We have contributed in the flight plan development, flight plan processing and automation system interface for the NAS. We are in the forefront for requirement development, design, evaluation and validation of ETMS.

Traffic Information Service

We have developed profound knowledge and skills in the TIS system performance and output analysis. As a part of Mode-S program we are closely associated with the TIS message requirements, capacity issues, formatting and message processing.

Collaborative Decision Making

Effective management and presentation of information are key requirements for CDM. ARCON is experienced in developing systems that process information available from diverse sources and present it at the required locations in real time in the required form to help in CDM. We have the skills to develop the constraint analysis and decision making software tools for effective CDM in ATM.

Communication, command, control and decision

Dealing with real time flight management is associated with the effective integration of different systems such as communication system, air traffic control systems, CDM systems and command information systems. Our engineers can effectively deal with the serious problems often associated with these complex systems and the interoperability issues of these systems. We can contribute in requirement development, design, implementation and upgrade of such systems.

Air traffic simulation and modeling

ARCON has developed highly advanced systems for modeling and simulation of Air Traffic to support the requirement development, design of new technologies and output predictions. These systems help in experimentation of systems in the design cycle in order to arrive at the optimum solution while minimizing the cost.

Optimal scheduling

Aircraft scheduling at airports has been a difficult challenge in ATM. This involves taking into account of the traffic conditions, air routes, weather patterns and restrictions of the airspace. Our engineers have developed a system to arrive at scheduling chart and the optimal flight path for each aircraft in real time under given constraints.