Air Traffic Systems

Surveillance Radar.

Surveillance Radar

Airport Surveillance Radars

ARCON engineers have extensive experience developing various ASRs. We have supported the development of the ASR-11/DASR and ARSR-4 radars and the ASR-11 transmitter. We have also assessed the feasibility of upgrading the ASR-8 Moving Target Indicator (MTI) with a Moving Target Detector (MTD).

Design and Enhancement

ARCON has analyzed maximizing the gain of antenna arrays and has performed radar system design modifications to improve the accuracy of ground-based radar cross section measurements of low, observable targets. Our engineers have also developed power multiplier algorithms for radars that would enable the detection of low SNR targets.

ARCON engineers have implemented the real-time data acquisition and tracking software of DABS and established its tracking performance. We have developed specifications for the multi-site IPC subsystem and its integration into Mode S and have improved azimuth accuracy and the ability to generate uplink messages to multiple targets in real-time.

Modeling and Simulation

ARCON has developed extensive radar system modeling expertise and simulation tools to model the effects of different processing functions' effects on a signal and its delay. We use these tools to predict a system's degradations and failures. Our wide range of radar simulation tools has proven to be useful in predicting radar behavior under a variety of conditions.

Radar/System Integration

Our skills are particularly strong in the area of diverse systems integration for real time applications. We are experienced in integrating radar systems with wide ranging application systems and both modeling and simulating radar/system integration.

Analysis and Validation

Our engineers were involved in the development and design of beacon interrogation systems. We have independently evaluated, validated, and performed extensive analyses on their performance.

Radar Reinforcement and Collimation Analysis

Collimation analysis is an important tool for monitoring the quality of radar measurements and the health of primary and secondary radar systems. ARCON has developed wide-ranging software tools to statistically analyze the collimation performance of various radar systems and alert the user if there is a malfunction.

Garble Detection and Elimination

Garble is a serious problem for secondary surveillance radar systems - particularly when multiple aircraft reply to the interrogation of multiple radars. ARCON is an industry leader of research to eliminate the ambiguity caused by garble through precision tracking and smart target resolution.