Air Traffic Systems

Automation and Safety.

Automation and Safety

Terminal & en-route systems

We have a superb track record in supporting the FAA ARTS program for decades. ARCON designed the ARTS slant-plane and vertical trackers. We performed the design, analysis and enhancement of ARTS safety functions and validated the rehosting of ARTS to Common ARTS. We support Common ARTS enhancements such as using long range radars for tracking and safety, mosaic display system upgrade and incorporation of ADS-B. We are also providing the engineering support to the FAA's STARS program, which is built on multi-sensor multi-target IMM tracker. ARCON is also involved in analyzing the design of en-route systems in terms of their long range radar tracking and safety functions.

System evaluation & enhancement

ARCON developed the performance measures to quantify the performance of safety functions of an automation system using statistical tools. These measures have been accepted as valuable means to identifying the level of performance of a system in terms of ensuring safety of aircraft. Using these tools we analyze the safety function performance and develop enhancements for its current features or redesign them.

Mosaic display system

Mosaic display system is an upgrade to Common ARTS that would enable the controllers to see data from multiple sensors on the scope of a situation display. This process involves identifying and linking of single sensor tracks that are produced by vanilla Common ARTS system. ARCON is involved in validating and enhancing the linking and analyzing the safety functions under multi-sensor display conditions.

Advanced conflict alert & minimum safe altitude warning algorithms

With the introduction of sophisticated trackers, improved accuracy of radar data and faster update rate due to multiple sensors and ADS-B, ARCON is involved in redesigning the CA and MSAW safety function algorithms in Common ARTS and STARS. These advanced algorithms facilitate the reevaluation of the separation standards and thus improve the airspace capacity around airports.

Design, implementation & simulation

Over the years through our research and development ARCON has developed a unique expertise in ATC systems. We posses the capability to design, develop and program an automation system that is capable of performing all the surveillance tasks including the flight plan management. We have also implemented a low cost surveillance system that would run on a personal computer and interface to a LAN. We have a number of in-house simulation tools to verify and validate the performance of an automation system.