Air Traffic Systems

Weather Processing.

Weather Processing

System requirement development

ARCON supported the FAA in developing the integrated terminal weather system (ITWS) requirement development. Our engineers helped to develop the weather messaging subsystem in the Mode-S program. We have the skills to analyze the weather data and develop the system requirements for given constraints.

Design, implementation and test

ARCON was the prime contractor for the Data Link Processor/1 (DLP/1) program and its predecessor, Weather Communication Processor (WCP) and worked on DLP/2. We also support FAA in the design, development, implementation and test of ITWS program. Our experienced engineers posses the know-how of weather processing for various applications.

Detection of micro-burst

Micro-burst is a major problem in weather. Detection of micro-burst is extremely important to avoid catastrophic events specially in air transportation systems where it could result in fatal accidents. Our engineers have performed in-depth research in weather modeling and micro-burst detection.

Weather communication processing

Communicating the observed and predicted weather patterns to display subsystems and other CDM subsystems at different locations along with other information is a challenging task. ARCON is involved in the research of capacity issues, formatting issues and accuracy concerns in communication processing subsystems.