Physical Sciences

Radiation and Subatomic Particle Transport.

Radiation and Subatomic Particle Transport

Since 1967, ARCON has been a pioneer in the development of particle transport theory techniques and their applications to the transport of electrons, protons, neutrons and gamma radiation. Practical applications of this research range from accurate predictions of the location, extent, and effects of airborne radioactive particles; reliability assurance of air and space-borne-communications systems in a radiation environment; response simulation of space weather measurement; and particle detection instrumentation.

ARCON is currently under contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate (AFRL/RVBXR) as a participant in the Demonstration and Science Experiment (DSX) research program. Our primary objective is to perform computer simulations of charged particle transport and energy deposition in satellite-borne instrumentation to support Space Weather (SWx) and Radiation Belt Remediation (RBR) research experiments. Our computer simulations provide on-the-ground guidance to the Air Force in determining and testing technologies that will be required for the deployment of large space structures and apertures; high-power generation; and survivability in the high radiation environment of Medium Earth Orbit (MEO).

Areas of Research and Development

Simulated calculations of the response of space-borne instrumentation for the detection and measurement of energy and charge deposition by electrons, protons and ions.

Effects of ionizing radiation (electrons, heavy ions, protons, alpha particles, x-rays, and gamma rays) on microelectronic device materials.

Atomic displacement damage in microelectronic device materials.

Charge and electric field build-up in dielectric materials.

Analytical benchmark tests of approximate transport theory calculation methods.

Molecular dynamics calculations of atomic displacement effects in silicon.

Radiation dosimetry.

Analytical and numerical solutions of the Boltzmann and Fokker-Planck transport equations.