Our Capabilities.


Arcon specializes in analyzing engineering systems, identifying problems, and formulating and implementing solutions.

  • Automation Systems (terminal & enroute).

    • Over 25 years of experience on STARS, CARTS, ERAM.

  • Data Fusion and Fusion Displays.

  • UAS: supporting FAA in an effort to establish minimum performance standards for DAA system in order to integrate UAS into National Airspace.

  • Runway Safety: supported FAA in RWSL to prevent runway incursions by increasing situational awareness of pilots without controller intervention.

    • Designed, developed and deployed ASDE-3 at San Diego, and ASDE-X at BOS, LAX, SNA, DFW.

    • Supported LCGS at Spokane and eFAROS safety system at BOS.

  • Air Traffic Management.

    • ETS/CDM


  • NextGen Technologies

    • Designed, developed and deployed ADS-B into CARTS & STARS.

    • Performed extensive ASDE & ASDE-X data analysis to support runway safety tool.

    • 4D Trajectory based operations : 4D trajectory determination, event prediction, separation management, and schedule management.

  • Prototype Development: Developed new trackers and safety functions for ATC Systems and UAS in MATLAB/C/C++/JAVA.

  • Scenario Design and Simulation: Designed high-fidelity scenarios to test performance of surveillance and safety functions.

  • Navigation: GPS modeling and simulation, GPS/INS integration, satellite navigation.

  • Airborne and ground based radar tracking system simulation tools for DAA functions.

  • Image Processing and Pattern Recognition.

  • Security: GPS/ADS-B anti-jamming/ anti-spoofing/ encryption.

  • Data Communication: DLP, airport surface wireless system, FTI.

  • Weather Processing: System requirement development of ITWS, detection of micro-burst.

  • Remote Monitoring of operational RWSL.